Frequently Asked Questions
About the Baby’s First Year Plan

Just what is the Baby’s First Year Plan?
Simply put, the plan captures your baby’s amazing growth in beautiful portraits.  Plan Members get 4 studio photo sessions to begin their child’s portrait history.  Additionally Plan Members get discounts on portrait orders and many other benefits.

My baby is not born yet. Why should I sign up now?
There are several advantages to signing up early. * A Plan in Place – Your life is busy, and about to get busier with a new baby.  Without a plan, many things you desire may get pushed aside until tomorrow… Often, too many tomorrows. * Maternity Portraits – Whether you are considering a romantic portrait of you and your husband or a beautiful portrait of yourself, a maternity portrait session may added to your plan and receive plan member benefits.

What are your session fees?
The first four sessions are included in the Baby’s First Year Plan. For extra sessions are available and we have several plan upgrades to meet your portrait dreams.

My child is already older.  Do you have a plan available for me?
We know that children grow up too fast.  So we have several plan options.  For children that are 4 to 6 months old you may start the Baby’s First year plan now and complete the plan at about 18 months old. 

We have twins. Do you have a plan for us?
Yes.  For multiple births each child can get his or her own plan.  We will create portraits of each child separately and together.

What about having other family members included in the portrait sessions?
The Mommy and Me session is included as part of your plan. Daddy is always welcome to join in this wonderful session. If you wish to add siblings, grandparents or other family members, we do have extended sessions available.

What appointment times are available for Plan members?
To best serve our clients, Baby’s First Year Plan appointments are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

What if I don’t like the portraits?
If you are not pleased with your portraits, then neither are we. If you are not happy, we will gladly re-photograph your child, or refund your money. There is No Risk that you will ever spend money on portraits you don't like.

Do you have portrait packages?
We do not restrict you to fixed packages, but rather, we find that our flexible collections allow our clients to get the best value by allowing them to select exactly what they need and desire.

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