Hi Rachel and Kirk… Thanks again for each and every moment that you have captured for me and my family. Here is the note for the website. I had to really cut it down because I could have gone on forever about how beautiful the pictures have turned out and what you have done for me.
Thanks again and see you soon!

Photography is the most amazing way to capture unforgettable moments in time. For me, Charles Photography has captured some once in a lifetime moments for my daughter and I, such as one of my daughter’s first smiles. During the first session with my daughter, Haley, I had a vision of what I wanted the pictures to look like. When I saw the first pictures, it took my breath away and my heart was touched by the images that were created. My vision was greatly surpassed.

I am so happy to know that I have these photographs to look back on this time with my daughter. Time passes so quickly and I don’t want to forget that this is the best time in my life. I can’t wait until she is older and I can share them with her.

My “Mommy and me” pictures perfectly capture the undeniable love and unbreakable bond between my daughter and I. They are the most beautiful images I have ever seen.

Gina Roche’
Atlanta, GA